Buy Here Pay Here Car Buying Tips

Buy here pay here dealerships are known for their easy financing approvals regardless of credit scores. It is almost always true that having higher incomes would mean getting approved for more expensive vehicles at such dealerships. They not only provide the vehicles for sale, but they also directly finance those vehicles. As a result, customers directly have to pay to the dealerships instead of to third-party financing agencies.

But to have a successful buying experience, there are some points to keep in mind. Here are some tips when buying cars from the Buy Here Pay Here dealers:

Tip #1: Do not let your ego stand in your way. If other dealers are turning you away, roll with the punches and get yourself to accept your new reality. If your credit scores are bad and you make little monthly income, you should not expect to drive away with luxury vehicles.

Tip#2: Do not trust that the salesman is looking out for your best interest. At the end of the day, his agenda is to make money and your agenda is to save as much as possible.

Tip #3: Always visit a dealer who is located in your vicinity or neighborhood. As you would be making your car financing payments directly to this dealer, you would certainly prefer someone who is located near you. It would be easier for you to reach them to drop your payments on time. As a smart owner, you know it does not makes sense to cross the state border to make your financing payments.

Tip #4: Do not accept the first offer presented to you. The dealerships know that there a lot of people who only accept vehicles if they feel like they got a bargain. This is why they hike the prices ahead of time and already assume that they will go down a bit with all customers.

Tip #5: Never go for just any car that is being offered to you or your investment would be wasted. Buy a car that suits your requirements and that you feel comfortable with. There is absolutely no need for you to buy something just because it is available. Do a little research ahead of time to settle on what vehicles would be acceptable based on your needs and not on it availability.

Tip #6: Understand the financing documents. Learn all that is being listed on the agreement. This document would list your maintenance terms, payments due dates and consequences of violation of agreement. Also pay attention to the payment term and the total cost.

Tip #7: Always look for a warranty. You don’t wish to spend your dollars on a car that would stop moving a week after purchase. Also make sure to carry the necessary documents that the dealers may require.

Tip #8: Look for pre-payment options. A credit score is never permanent and can be misleading. In case you have money, ask yourself if you can pay off your loan earlier than intended, what would be its cost then?

If you got denied for a loan with a traditional dealership, just remember that there are buy here pay here car lots, through out the country, that can easily approve you.